Kyoshi's weekly technique bulletin: Sept. 16, 1997

Greetings to all and thank you for your efforts and support. This is the
first of a weekly reminder of karate principals. TIMING in the execution
of a technique. The hands and arms ready or chamber while stepping into
the arena of an attack. A baseball pitcher chambers/winds up while
preparing a pitch as does the batter as he steps into the pitch while
preparing the bat for the hit. In karate it is as important to do the
same in a rote or natural manner, A common error is to complete the step
and then begin the chamber or to wind up before stepping and delivering
the block or punch/kick before rooting down in a solid foundation. The
practice of kata under the watchful eye of the Sensei develops timing and
co-ordination, two very important aspects of movement. Arigato, Kyoshi.
PLEASE POST. see your Sensei for more detailed explanation or review.

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