"What I enjoy most about this demonstration is, at that time, I was training under the guidance of Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro. I dedicate this App to his memory."

— Hanshi Scaglione

We celebrate the 56th Year Anniversary of Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate USA with the release of the mobile app of our treasured Kata Guide.

The entire 90-minute Kata Guide has been remastered for your mobile device. Pinch to Zoom and Hold Finger to Reposition. (Same as your iphone photos). Click on lower right icon for additional Slow Motion and Super Slow Motion.

This instructional footage features Hanshi Robert Scaglione demonstrating kata in the traditional Okinawan style of Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu. It includes the following:


  • 3 Basic Kata 

  • 5 Intermediate Kata

  • 3 Advanced Kata 

  • 8 Black Belt kata 

  • Weapons kata: sai, bo, kama & nunchaku 

  • 4 Prearranged Kumite.


The Kata Guide was originally produced and directed by Kyoshi David Seeger. He has now remastered it for mobile play and created this App for reference in your Shorin-Ryu training. 

In Celebration of Hanshi's 80th Birthday in October 2018, we will be adding some very special video clips during this year at no additional charge and without the need to update the app, so keep watching!