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Block, Strike, Strike, Strike, Strike!

Submitted by Barnes Sensei, Shichi-Dan, Denshi/Shihan, Ueshiro Bushi Dojo

Under the Direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione

Onegaishimasu Hanshi and All Fellow SRKUSA Family,

I was watching recent a MMA bout, which I love to do mostly for the commentary which is mostly based on observation of techniques and how I relate it to my karate. I am mostly listening for the similarities and where I see a technique found in our kata. But I digress, I heard a very simple comment that really hit home for me.

The commentator noticed the one fighter was only using and block and a strike and then backing off, he then said this, "The first One/Two (block/strike) get you in (the fight) Three, Four, Five, Six get you out (defeat the attacker)." I Love This! Where can we THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX in our training?

How bout…hmmmm…Squat Punches in our opening, perhaps crossing the deck, chudan-ski, oi-ski, Kata Fukyukata Ni, Chest Block, Snap Kick, Elbow Smash, FOUR-FIVE & SIX are everywhere!

Master Ueshiro was a THREE-FOUR-FIVE-SIX, BEAST! Ueshiro Kata is laced with THREE-FOUR-FIVE-SIX'S.

My THREE-FOUR-FIVE-SIX metaphor is simply to remember in a life and death situation we have to think and move through the immediate block and strike, that will in fact save our life from the initial attack, but if the attacker rebounds, we must put the attacker down and we are trained to do that. Watch Master Ueshiro Video (Kyoshi Seeger App) and you will witness Master Ueshiro plowing through attackers after the initial block and strike, it’s much better than any MMA fight.


Barnes Sensei Ueshiro Bushi Dojo Beverly Hills CA

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