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Kata Guide Smart Phone Application

Submitted by Tamir Sensei, Shichi-Dan, Denshi-Shihan, Ueshiro Neve Karate Dojo Neve-Yamin, Israel

Under the Direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione

Onegai-shimasu Ueshiro SRKUSA Worldwide,

The following Technique for the Week is made possible and simple for all of us to achieve now by the efforts of Hanshi Robert Scaglione and Kyoshi David Seeger:

What is the 1st precept in Hanshi’s “Green Book” of Building Warrior Spirit?


What is the 1st method by which we practice Gan?

Observe and imitate our Karate-Do teacher [Sensei]

Who is our 1st Sensei (“Head Honcho”), who we should all observe and imitate?

Hanshi Robert Scaglione

How can we observe and imitate Hanshi any minute of any day, 24/7, when ever we wish?

Buy the Kata Guide Smart Phone App, produced by Kyoshi Seeger.

If you wish to be a serious Karate-Do student (and teacher)... if you wish to be a Karateka, then you need to buy this App.


I remember buying the Kata Guide on VHS over 20 years ago, then some years later I bought it again on DVD, and now some more years later I bought it again as a smart phone App.

Every time technology changes, Kyoshi Seeger is right on top of it, providing us a higher quality experience. The new smart phone App provides much more than the previous DVD media, because it is in our pockets and continuously updated with additional videos, such as from the recent Florida February training event; not to mention 360 degrees of viewing angles on newer videos, zoom-in control, quick repeat, and much more. I also love seeing Hanshi doing his favorite kata, Passai, in our Ueshiro Neve Dojo, where he visited us four years ago in Israel.

I am now able to re-live that experience again, and be able to study it and apply corrections to my kata and technique from our #1 Sensei (Hanshi); leveraging our 1st lesson with Gan as discussed above.

This smart phone App is our most incredible Gan tool, other than visiting Hanshi in person. Do yourself a favor and make this wise investment for your Karate-Do. In Hanshi’s words ... Just Do It!

Let’s all get this App and use it (in addition to training at our respective dojo[s]), to prepare and shine for Hanshi’s 80th Birthday Karate Event, coming later this year.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu to Hanshi Scaglione and Kyoshi Seeger for making this possible.

Tamir Sensei


Denshi-Shihan, Ueshiro Neve Karate Dojo Neve-Yamin, Israel,

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