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Video as Teaching Tool - Chudan-zuki

Submitted by Sempai Barb Schaefer, Sho-Dan, Ueshiro Okinawan Family Dojo (State College, PA),

Under the Direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione

Onegai shimasu, Hanshi, Sensei, and Deshi of USRKUSA,

Chudan-zuki (middle punch) is basic attacking technique and one of the first skills we learn. The punch is part of a two-arm movement in which the striking fist should move in a direct line from the chambered position to the target, counterbalanced by an equal retraction of the non-punching arm into the chambered position. Our striking knuckles should remain straight and aligned with our wrist and forearm, and our elbow should remain in the same vertical plane as when chambered.

When learning this technique for the first time, some students may tend to “chicken wing” or flare their elbow upon moving to strike.

Here’s a strategy for correcting this error using video as a teaching tool. Below are three short YouTube videos. The first demonstrates a typical error, the second is a way to teach to correct the error, and third to test your teaching.

1. "Chicken Wing" Error Example

2. Practice striking without the final wrist twist (i.e., punching from the chambered position to the striking point with the palm-side of the fist remaining face-up):

3. Finally, directing the sempai to practice making direct chamber-to-target contact with a physical target can help solidify this learning:

My thanks go to Sempai Ben Kaplan for modeling this TOTW, to Sempai Mike Musser for his assistance with this demonstration, and to Kyoshi Matt Kaplan for his suggestions.

Arigato gozaimasu,

Barb Schaefer,

Sho-Dan Ueshiro Okinawan Karate Family Club,

State College, PA

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